You’ve heard the term. It sounds expensive. But we can make it happen very affordably.


Data Warehousing is the process of ingesting data from multiple sources into a “single source of truth” for everything pertaining to your business.

You may have a CRM platform. You probably have some point of sale or commerce data. You have QuickBooks, Xero or some other accounting software. All of that can be brought in and tied out together to create a dashboard showing all of the things that matter to your business without having to jump from tool to tool.

This is how the “big guys” do it - but businesses of every size need consolidated and cleaned data and can benefit greatly by having a few streamline data pipelines in place. Without the expense of a full-time data team, we bring all of your data together, create the reporting models that matter to you and do it at a price point that is affordable to the scope of your needs. We don’t just walk away after we flip the switch - after your initial reporting structure, we are with you every step of the way as your business expands and your data needs grow.

We will assess your data sources and volume to find the most cost-effective tool to run your ingest be it Meltano, Fivetran, AirByte, Hevo or something else.

All of our transmorations are done with dbt, the gold-standard in the Analytics Engineering community for building and documenting data warehouses.