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You’ve heard of the “Fractional CFO” - we’re your Fractional Chief Data Officer to meet the reporting and analysis needs of your small business.

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You’ve heard the term. It sounds expensive. But we can make it happen very affordably. Data Warehousing is the process…

Reporting & Visualization

Never make a chart in Excel again. It is a new frontier in the business intelligence space and powerful tools that…

Data Analysis

Strategic analysis done the right way. People often conflate the ideas of making dashboards (aka reporting) and data…

Process Automation

Stop repeating the boring stuff - if there’s a daily task, we can streamline it. Many of our clients utilized…

Onetime Build or Migration

One off help to crank through models quickly. Athena to Snowflake, BigQuery to RedShift, whatever it is, we can help. If…

Data Infrastructure Design

Maybe you want an in-house team, but need help getting started. We are available to evaluate your business needs and…


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Our network has decades of experience with big data, small data and everything in between.


Anti-billable hours

We determine a plan that will give you a positive ROI on your talent investment. We meet our SLA. We don't track the rest.