Reporting & Visualization

Never make a chart in Excel again.


It is a new frontier in the business intelligence space and powerful tools that previously were only available to large businesses with enterprise budgets are accessible and affordable to small and medium organizations.

Refresh data on your schedule, faciliate daily emails to your most important team members, track things in near real time for your field workers - our team builds reporting customized to your goals to track exactly what you are focused on.

We can help set up a reporting tool, connect your data sources, and construct meaningful dashboards that tell an actionable story. We focus on your goals, both short and long term, making sure we put the information in front of you that really matters. We revisit these dashboards regularly to check in and make sure we are still on the right path and needs have not changed.

While we view ourselves as “tool agnostic” we recommend Metabase to our clients because of its widespread support, affordability, and ease of use. If you already have a tool in place - no fear. We have production experience in Looker, Tableau, Power BI, Domo, QlikView and more. Best practices for dashboard design carry over to any system.